Blow Moulds

For plastic hollow containers

The metal hollow containers which give the plastic hollow container its shape are known as blow moulds. This usually takes place by pressing air into the blow mould. Blow moulds differ depending on the manufacturing procedure (injection blow moulding, stretch blow moulding or injection stretch blow moulding procedure, extrusion blow moulding procedure, hollow container blow moulding or blow moulding) in technology and materialisation. Depending on the procedures and the requirements, they consist of different metal alloys. Among other things, it is decisive that the produced plastic hollow container can be easily detached from the blow mould. Blow moulds are often cooled in order to speed up the production process.

Blow moulds are some of the tools which Polymold manufactures for injection blow moulding machines. Depending on the customer requirement, tools with one to 36 blow moulds (also knowns as cavities) can be manufactured.

Blow moulds are not used in injection moulding or the different sub-procedures such as thermoplast injection moulding, duroplast injection moulding or elastomer injection moulding. In these cases, the liquefied material is pressed directly into a mould under pressure.

A blow mould must not be confused with the blow moulding procedure, a special injection moulding procedure which includes extrusion moulding and stretch blow moulding / injection stretch blow moulding.


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